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Manneken Belgium Waffle | Japan

I love to eat waffle especially when the waffle just comes out hot from waffle maker and waffle with peanut butter is always my first choice. I have even tried to make my own waffle with my sister in law's waffle maker which bought from Cosway. My homemade waffle didn't turn out as good as those sell outside. To me, good waffle should be crunchy outside and soft inside. Of course the taste should be delicious too. Recently, I get to know about Belgium Waffle after my first try in Osaka Railway Station, Japan. The strong fragrance from the waffle store caught our attention. We bought a piece of plain waffle which costs 126 yen (about RM4.50). The Belgium waffle was very crunchy and tasted heavenly!  


Melt In Mouth Butter Cookies Recipe

The word "Melt in mouth" attracted my attention when I saw some bloggers share their recipe with above title. I have copy down the recipe and bake it at home. It is a good recipe where I can bake again on coming Chinese New Year. Recipe here... Ingredients:125g butter40g icing sugar (sifted)125g potato starch80g plain flour (or superfine flour)


Fried Bihun (Rice-flour Noodles) | Home Cook

"Firstly, put some oil, when the oil is hot, put in chopped garlic, follow by prawn or meat, after the meat is about to cook, put in bihun, then put......".   Standing in the kitchen and watching at mom frying bihun seems to be easy, step by step instructions were taught by this lovely mom to her daughter who does not know how to cook well. Her daughter forgot what her mom taught after walk out from the kitchen. And yes, the "daughter" here refers to me! But I am very thankful to have a great mom who can cook very delicious meals for her husband and children. Questions of "What to eat later? Where to eat?..." do not come across me as I have a great mom who will prepare lunch and dinner for us every day. However, this is no longer applicable to me during the time I stay alone at outstation. I have to cook and eat on my own.


Indonesia Layer Cake with Hawflakes Recipe

After prune Indonesia layer cake, I am confident to bake layer cake again. This time, I baked Indonesia layer cake with hawflakes. Recipe follow the same as prune layer cake, except that prune was replaced with hawflakes. After first lesson learnt from prune layer cake, this time, with more cares and precaution steps, I am happy to say that it was a very successful and delicious one. This round, every single layer is baked until even darker brown, about 6~7 minutes per layer. I baked at upper level of oven. Hawflakes were arranged at 3rd and 6th layers. Melted butter was brushed for every two layers. I managed to bake a total of 8 layers at 8" square cake tin, every layers were measured evenly with one cup of mixture.
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Tuesday, 02 April 2013 21:12
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GiveAway1_2Dear MnYfoodtalk's readers, we have a good news to share! Please read carefully.

MnYfoodtalk is established since 14 March 2009. Time flies, until today, we have already passed 4 years in our blogging life through MnYfoodtalk. It is happy to share our food blogging experience especially on dining places and recipes. We believed, to gain more experience and be better in cooking and baking is not only through practise, but also sharing. We gathered quite many recipes from other food bloggers and we sincerely hope that our experience in baking and cooking will give some inspirations to others too.

Today, we are proud and happy to announce that we have passed our 4 years blogging life and we have gifts for our blog's readers who had walked together with us. We wish to share our joyful moment with our fellow readers.

We have one sandwich mold bread maker cutter and one miniature cheese grater to giveaway. We will make it in lucky draw way and the luckiest person will receive the gifts through post. The closing date is on 14 May 2013 @ 11.59pm and the winner will be announced through www.MnYfoodtalk.com on 15 May 2013. Winner just need to email us his/her recident address after the announcement and we will send the gifts through post.


Miniature Cheese Grater


Sandwich Mold Bread Maker Cutter

Everyone from anywhere is welcome to join! To participate, just leave a comment under this post and say "I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk!" and we will give you ONE ticket to entry the lucky draw. To win EXTRA ticket, just follow and like us at our facebook page, and leave us comment here say "I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk, I liked and I am following MnYfoodtalk facebook page" and you will have TWO tickets to entry the lucky draw event. Everyone has the chance! Please join us now and stand a chance to win the prize! You might be the luckiest one!

Last but not least, thanks everyone for participate in our giveaway event and at here, MnYfoodtalk wish you good luck!

If you do not own a blog, please leave down your email address so that we can contact you in case you win the prize.

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#7 MnY 2013-05-07 21:09
Another one week to go, faster grab your chance to win Sandwich Mold Bread Maker Cutter & Miniature Cheese Grater from MnYfoodtalk! :lol:
#6 Mich@ Piece of Cake 2013-04-08 12:11
"I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk!"
#5 Mich@ Piece of Cake 2013-04-08 12:10
"I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk!"
#4 Aunty Young 2013-04-05 14:13
"I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk, I liked and I am following MnYfoodtalk facebook page"

Congratulations on being 4!
#3 Aunty Young 2013-04-05 14:12
"I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk, I liked and I am following MnYfoodtalk facebook page"

Congratulations on being 4!
#2 Christine T 2013-04-04 01:48
" I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk"

Thank you for the giveaway and Congratulations for being 4 !

#1 kristen 2013-04-03 10:44
"I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk!"

Lovely giveaway as it will definitely make my kids school breakfast more flowerful and yummy.

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